Monday, November 3, 2008

Still waiting for the right opportunity

I seem to have skipped all of October. Here is a summary, more jobs to apply for rather than just sending out resumes, leading to several interviews which are continuing into November. The highlight-a small firm in Mankato, but I'm starting to let that go as I was hoping to have heard by now... Andy keeps reminding me that no news is good news.

I haven't gotten tired of reading yet, seems I'm trying to make up three years of not reading for fun in a few months! I ahve found some new authors I really like and it takes my mind of the lack of success on the job search front. Looking into some volunteer opportunities now, but I'm hesitant to start anything that will be too ongoing because so many of the jobs I'm looking at will require a move.

Sad news, Amber is moving to CA and Kristin is moving to TX. Now it seems like it would be easy to leave MPLS and start over somewhere.

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