Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank you for taking the time to consider my resume. . .

So today was mainly a "job hunt" day. I looked at over 100 firms. Literally. There were no new jobs on the usual sites, so I went to lawmoose.com and looked at the top 100 firms in Minnesota. I looked at them all. All 100! I must have sent my resume to 25 of the small/mid-sized firms on the list that I thought would fit me. The worst part is that of the 100 firms, only one was hiring an Associate Attorney with 0-3 years of experience. Actually printed out a coverletter and resume for that one!

Everyone around me is so positive and supportive--assuring me that I'll get a job--"no problem." It is hard to see where that job is going to come from. If malpractice insurance wasn't so expensive, I'd hang out a shingle and strike out on my own.

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